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The Chanel Suit

An iconic outfit which has been turning heads for decades. We relive its story.

Woman of Inspiration : Jane Paech

We step inside the mind of writer & French fanatic, the gorgeous Jane Paech.

Blue Illusion Book Club

Delicious Days In Paris
Sugar And Spice

Capture the new romantic mood in fashion, one which sparkles with incandescent style. J’adore c’est chic!

Guest Editor · Donna Guest

Femme D’Inspiration : Donna Guest

Our creative director shares her favourite fashion, her passions & of course, her ultimate French destinations.

The Perfect Shaping Jean

Introducing 2 new denim silhouettes for the real woman. Which one are you?

Flat Out Chic : The Loafer

Practical and stylish. Quite simply, your most useful shoe this season.

Wear Le Rouge Like Diana

The iconic fashion editor inspires us to style red 3 easy ways.

4 French Desserts To Dine For

Did your favourite French dessert make the list?

The Three Piece Outfit

Learn To Create The Perfect Outfit. Watch The Film.

Woman of Inspiration : Bronwyn Kingwell

The medical scientist shares with us her passions & pursuits, including our beloved France.

The Empress of Opulence

A fashion collection where audacity and elegance reign supreme.

The Inspiration Issue

Uncover the pages of Femmes D’Inspiration Style Guide

Style Icon : Audrey Tautou
Micro Trend : Leather Trim

Think subtle, think sophisticated. Think classic and cool.

3 Easy Facials Using Your Garden

Floral dreams. Discover the facial revolution from your garden.

The Ladies Only Club

A good hand, a French inspired luncheon & femme du friendships to last!

A Saintly Statement

She is a saintly vision of style, an empowerer, a heroine to herself. She is Révolutional Floral.

Woman of Inspiration : Jaye Chin-Dusting
The Leather Jacket

A Luxe Yet Laid-Back Trophy Piece.

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