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    5 Simple Reminders

    Every Woman Needs To Know About Health

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5 Simple Reminders Every Woman Needs To Know About Health

Take note of these ‘forget-me-nots’ as we grace with age.

The Most Romantic Public Place In Paris
3 Easy Steps To Pack For A Weekend In Paris

Do you love to travel yet suffer the pre-pack trauma? We’ve made it easy as can be!

Raspberry Rhubarb Galette

If shades of rouge don’t tempt you the sweetness will! Discover this to-die-for recipe now.

Modern Muse : Gena Rowlands

She is a noted style inspiration of Juliette Binoche. Let’s explore the elegance of this modern woman.

Guest Editor · Donna Guest

3 Ways To Style The Statement Blouse

An eye-catching blouse is the anchor for any chic outfit. How? Discover now.

Guest Editor · Nikki Parkinson

How To Style Jackets For Spring

It will be your most versatile investment this season. Let me tell you why.

Advanced Style On Film

The blog turned book is now a feature film.

The Ratatouille Brunch Bake

A favoured French cuisine of Juliette Binoche’s, we discover the provincial dish with a twist.

8 Things You May Not Know About The Louvre

One of the chicest attractions in Paris. But how well you really know it fellow Francophile?

Blue Illusion Book Club

Book Club : Sentimental Education

A classic French novel to tease the heart with.

Her Story : Juliette Binoche Recommends Your Must Read Summer Novel

It’s a tale of love, lost & learning. Discover your next page-turner with Juliette Binoche.

Guest Editor · Nikki Parkinson

Nothing Says Classic French Styling Like Black & White

Noir et Blanc. It’s the go-to in any French girl’s wardrobe. Let me show you how.

What Is The Best French Dish?

According to Juliette Binoche. Discover where you can eat it too.

Guest Editor · Nikki Parkinson

The Movie Star & Me

With Juliette Binoche! What a way to start the Spring fashion season.

Chocolat Chic! 3 Best Parisian Dessert Destinations

Pardon? You too have a sophisticated sweet tooth. Well, follow us to Paris.

Her Story : Robin Perros

A true femme du force. Meet a generous woman who leads an army of like minded ladies.

The Seduction of Light

Anxious and imaginative, discover one of Juliette Binoche’s most adored artists, Mark Rothko.

Win A Trip To Juliette Binoche’s City

Experience the City of Love exploring Juliette’s favourite Parisian destinations.

This Is My Paris

A muse like no other. Discover the most decadent of French destinations with Hotel La Belle Juliette Paris.

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