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Rosemary Mushroom & Chickpea Ragoût

A vegetarian recipe that is both deluxe and simple. Bon appétit!

Discover Juliette’s French Favourites

From French bubbles to delicate fragrance, discover & WIN the Parisian star’s ultimate luxuries.

Juliette’s 3 Spring Essentials

What 3 fashion items are her ‘must-haves’ this Spring?

Her Story

This season, we invite you to discover the face of Blue Illusion, none other than the divine French star Juliette Binoche.

An Unassuming Palace

It was a lavish gift from a French king to his beloved queen. But who?

The Blue Illusion Woman

Who is our ambassador for Spring 2014? We reveal it here.

Vive La France!

It’s a wrap! We celebrated Bastille Day with a bang!

Les Jardin des Paradis

Discover a secret garden in the south of France.

Vanilla Bourbon Cherry Blueberry Pie

The perfectly indulgent way to celebrate Bastille Day.

Nathalie Lété’s Spring Bloom

Introducing the exclusive Spring Bloom floral silk scarf collection.

This Is Her Story

We celebrate this Spring with our first ambassador. We tease you with a film. Watch now.

Le Nouveau Bourgeois

That French provincial feeling. Embrace a sashay of sophisticated new classics & WIN.

A beautifully exclusive Bastille Day display.

On the cusp of Bastille Day celebrations we meet artist Emma Davies, who has partnered with Blue Illusion in spectacular style.

The Art Nouveau Allure

Art Nouveau: the sultry sister of the Impressionist Movement.

The Man with the Marvelous Imagination

Artist Alphonse Mucha create visual feasts for the eyes.

Rhubarb and Rose Petal Cake

A recipe that is as sweet as it is pretty.

Lemongrass Mint Lime Spritzers

Fancy a drink? We thought you’d never ask.

Café Le Nemours

The waiters are busy and a little cheeky. This is an iconic must-go-to Parisian destination, if not for the food.

Style Icon : Christina Hendricks

Sophisticated lady. She has a signature style like no other. We take note.

Chilled Cucumber Soup with Fresh Herbs

Chilled cucumber soup? Oui oui! Trust us, it will make your tastebuds sing.

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