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The Art Nouveau Allure
  • 6 months
  • By Blue Illusion


She mesmerised with flowing curves and smooth surfaces.

She enticed eyes and minds with bewitching visuals of religious icons and mythical creatures, of nature interweaving with the femme fatale.


The Art Nouveau period (1880 – 1915) was a fresh artistic vocabulary that could best express modernity.

It seduced France with its fairy-tale allure.

Working in cities like Paris, Art Nouveau designers found greatest inspiration in nature — not necessarily nature’s beauty, but instead its vital force, its never-changing life cycle of birth, life, decay and death.


Art Nouveau was not only defined in painting but also to architecture, furniture, jewellery, fabrics and all types of interior and exterior design.

Mirrored in the works such as Alphonse Mucha, artists explored the unconscious dream world through this idea of ‘super natural’ beauty.


At this time there was much interest in famous performers like Sarah Bernhardt, the dancer Loie Fuller, the nightclub performer Jane Avril.

As always in art, women were principal muses yet the female in Art Nouveau limelight took a more ambiguous role.

In an era when women were increasingly independent – the Art Nouveau woman had a menacing twist. She was charmingly sexual but also scandalous.

Intricate and euphoric, the Art Nouveau lady has become a nostalgic symbol of the romance behind vintage Paris.

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  1. Jan Allerton

    1 year

    Thank you for some interesting remarks and lovely examples of the era.

  2. Cate

    1 year

    After a wonderful trip to Prague three years ago, I fell in love with the Art Nouveau movement as it is evident in so many of their buildings especially the magnificent windows.

  3. Merrilyn Hartmann

    1 year

    Love the free fluidity of the Art Nouveau period. Best expressed in satin & silks.

  4. Margaret

    1 year

    Art Nouveau has always been one of my favourite periods of art in the modern age. It has as far as I am concerned been a neglected period, I am so glad to see it being appreciated again.

  5. Menka Puljevic

    1 year

    I felt this French art theme staying at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas a week ago !!

  6. AmandaP*

    1 year

    Having recently moved away from our beloved home of Canberra where we were so lucky to have the National Gallery and Portrait Gallery were able to see alot of the exhibitions of these truly talented masterpieces.
    You can only imagine how Europe was completely ‘spirited’ away by such a decadent ‘style’ influenced by the Art Nouveau artist. From art to architecture to fashion.
    Boy I do miss home at times:( But I’ll settle for our new home by the sea for now:)

  7. Adriana McDonald

    1 year

    The style of this amazing period had both a classic and fashion forward sprit that left its indelible mark on fashion, even today. Love it.

  8. cyrilla behrndt

    3 months

    Papinta The Flame Dancer is the center photograph.